Liz Da Ponte





Liz Da PonteLiz Da Ponte has spent more than 10 years in the Digital Marketing space, with a focus on growing brand engagement via digital channels. Liz has extensive experience with search engine optimization, email newsletter campaigns, social media marketing and measurement. Liz knows the importance of understanding your audience, of setting measurable goals and constantly analyzing your efforts.

Liz’s work has included managing the digital marketing efforts of organizations of various sizes, including PwC Canada and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.


Core Skills
  • Marketing Strategy 93%
  • Writing 90%
  • Social Media 85%
  • Search Engine Optimization 80%
  • Analytics 78%
  • Hootsuite 90%
  • Google Analytics 85%
  • WordPress 82%
  • Mailchimp 80%
  • PhotoShop 70%